What is JoshuaCMS.

Joshua CMS

Joshua is a new Content Management System built on top of Microsoft Asp.Net MVC 4. It use latest technology and techniques to speed-up website development process, like Twitter bootstrap, jquery, json, razor, etc. 

Website Administration is easy and flexible, and it's not intended to change your programming model. Joshua is focused on giving you the flexibility you need to build websites the way you prefer. 

Joshua can be easly plugged with third part code snippets, every thing is accessible and customizable. Give it a try

from developers

built at TeamDev, to create our websites. Joshua use latest technology like bootstrap, mvc, nosql. This things are all togheter to give you an easy to use and flexible CMS

for all devices

It's very easy to use joshua to create responsive web applications. Mix it with bootstrap, skeleton, or the responsive framework you prefer. 

cloud ready

do you like cloud computing ? are you looking for a cms you can install on a cloud. Joshua is the right choise. It can be easly installed on Windows Azure, as Website, as Cloud Service or in a virtual machine

easy to get

You can get it now! you do not need to pay anything. You can try it, and create your website.  you will be asked to subscribe a license only when your website will be in a production environment. Get it