How to get Joshua CMS

3 different ways to get your Joshua CMS.  

Using NuGet  

Joshua CMS is on NuGet. You can get it directly from Visual Studio and you will receive frequent updates and new modules and plugin in the easiest way possible.

Web Matrix  

Joshua CMS is on Web Matrix store, you can download a fully functional template via WebMatrix or create your websites from scratch

(coming soon..)


You can download it from here. Just click the download button and you'll receive your copy of Joshua CMS

Plugins and modules

Joshua CMS is pluggable with many plugins. 
You can combine plugins together, to create the content type you need. 

plugins are added often, check download sources for updates:

Avaiable plugins

    • Comments plugin 
    • Custom Fields plugin
    • Contact Form plugin
    • File Attach plugin
    • Photo Gallery plugin
    • Tags and Tag Cloud plugin
All plugins are customizable and you can add functionality to existing plugin or create your own plugin in a very easy way.